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Monday, August 3, 2009

Is it really?!

Is it really August?! How did that happen?! Well was my first day of cheer bootcamp...and I daresay I think it went well...they were all dying by the end and begging to go home....which means....people want me to add a bootcamp class on a regular basis which I of course would love to. Get paid to exercise AND torture people?! Heck yes!!! This weekend is my cute husbands 26th birthday! And we are heading to Utah- or at least I am for sure-(you know you are not newly weds when you end up spending birthdays apart from each other) I have a Zumba workshop that I am super excited to attend....Andy is still on the fence...since finances have been a huge struggle lately he isn't sure if he should go....he would love to golf in Utah with his cousins/half brothers (long story), but we aren't sure if we will have the moolah to do so...sad story...we haven't been this poor since the summer we moved to Provo....I am hoping birthday money will come in so that he can have a least Tucanos sent us a free meal voucher for him which is sort of an incentive, but since we are all feeling like rolly pollies (sp?) over here isn't much of one. I am ready to actually be making money....this not having money thing is not fun...not fun at all....oh and I have been summoned to Jury duty...they sent me the call to a house I haven't live at since I was 19 and under my maiden name- retarded Idahoan's...well if it will bring in extra money's....I am totally for it....any other news? should all try peanut butter truffle brownies they are yummy and super fattening and give you even further incentive to come to my bootcamp or Zumba class....oh and if your can view my sister's ventage on dating:

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Emily said...

wow! those brownies look heavenly! How fun to teach the cheerleaders! You should post some pics if you can!

Brittany Petty said...

Good to see you too Sarah!