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Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Summary.

Well it is another new month and what better April fools day then to have spring for a couple days and then a huge snow storm....I think this happens almost every year you would think I would just get used to it.

Goal Summary:
-Read the Scriptures all 31 days of March!!! Booya!
-Prayed 30 out of 31 days! woohoo!
-Went to the temple only 1 time
-Went to church only one time (i know I suck)
-Sweets....avoided sweets 22/31 days (bad month for some reason)

Other updates:
-getting ready to run some half marathons this year- so far I have gotten my miles up to 6 with a good fact my nike + keeps telling me I am running at a pace between 8 and 9 minutes...either it has a glich or I am getting faster due to P90X and losing weight
-I have worn my skinny jeans once in the last month...still a little tight but almost there about 5-10 lbs more and I will be satisfied
-still haven't weighed myself
- Getting excited to go to Vegas in 2 mos and then a cruise in August
- Have two bridal showers to throw this year and at least 2 baby showers to throw although I know probably 20 people who are prego right now (if not more)
-I am totally running the Red Rock relay in September with a friend from my lab! 15 miles here I come! I will get to see Zions national park and stuff and I am so excited!!!!

Well I hope everyone is ready for an awesome weekend of Conference which I am going to count as attending church...for my goals....cuz I suck...and then there is Easter on Sunday...i am planning on making lamb, but we shall see what happens as we no longer have a home of our with friends and Family until Andy moves to we can save some moneys....well that is all for now!!!

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