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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let's have this for dinner!


NOTE: Recipe requires a quite large Dutch Oven, Recommended for entertaining V.I.P’s in Camp.

Ingredients: (serves 3800 people)
3 medium sized camels
½ ton salt
500 bushels potatoes
1 ton pepper
200 bushels carrots
3000 sprigs parsley
2 small rabbits
1000 gallons brown gravy

Cut camels into bite sized pieces, cube vegetables (this may take awhile so start early). Place meat into pan and cover with 1000 gallons of brown gravy. Simmer slowly for 4 weeks. Garnish with Parsley. If more are expected add 2 rabbits. Mr. McGregor’s Note: I haven’t tried this recipe as I have been having trouble obtaining the camels but you may have better luck. Jim McGregor, Australian Scouter

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