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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Is August really almost over?! I start teaching chemistry and bootcamp this week....nervous and excited...but sad that I actually have to work now. ;)Today has been really peaceful...I am really diggin the rain and how nice and cool it it! I have been cooking a lot this week. I made a healthy stroganoff with wheat noodles, stir fry with Quinoa, home made mac and cheese, and today I made creamy salsa chicken (I used turkey instead) with spicy ranch rice, corn on the cob, and homemade fudge brownies (i added chocolate sauce, graham cracker crumbs, and marshmallows). Andy received his official certification as a Spanish Translator on Friday and we celebrated by going out for Indian was delish. I feel good about myself for getting some things done today- I made my music files for bootcamp and planned tomorrow's routine, made a weekly schedule and a to-do list for tomorrow, organized a bunch of papers that have been overtaking our kitchen it feels good to be productive. I am currently reading some more Books by Mercedes Lackey: The Snow Queen and The Fairy Godmother....I seem to be on a fantasy kick lately....also...lately I have had a slight obsession with pencil skirts...i feel like I need one...sigh...well that is all I have to say for now

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Crystal and Scott said...

So much to say! First, your meals sound delicious!! Do you find recipes or do you make them up? I'm always on the lookout for healthy meals that taste good. Also am always on the lookout for good books. I've never heard of these ones that you listed, but I'll have to look them up and see if the library here has them. Did you ever find in your Provo days that the public library never has books in? I have to put holds on everything! Anyway. :) Good luck with the classes and all the things you're doing this fall!!