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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SLC ACS meeting.

Let me just say that I love ACS meetings. It is like the chemistry equivalent to church. I hope that did not sound bad- but what I mean is when you go to church you feel all rejuvenated about life....and when I go to an ACS meeting I feel all rejuvenated about chemistry...I had a blast. I ran into a bunch of old chemistry buddies and a lot of people made me feel smart. I had a few job offers and a few people tell me to finish my PhD. Also, because my research was so cool, I got to present two nights in a row. However, I think the best part of it all was that I got to spend it with my hubby this time- which was wonderful- it was nice for him to be a part of my chemistry life for a change- and it made him excited about a lot of things too! So here are some pics!!! Enjoy!

Me and my poster Monday night.

Me and Andy having a blast

Me and my friend Jessie from ISU who is now working on a PhD at WSU

Me and our post doc Maruthi

Me and my poster Tuesday night


Tammy said...

How cool! I have no idea what anything on your posters mean. So you must be really smart! Its great that you were able to have Andy there with you too! That's always fun!

Calley said...

Glad your hubby could come, and that you were 'spiritually uplifted' :) da bum bum.

kathy said...

Yay Sarah! That's great that you got to share all your hard work with your husband (and your friends) :)