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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Girl's Only Dessert Night!

Finally a non-depressing post- and this is my 99th post too by the way!
It was DeLiCiOuS, and it was a BlAsT! If you didn't come- you missed a ton of fun!

I think around 20 people came- I am just lousy at taking pics- next time I would like to get a pic of each girl that came and a record or pic of their dessert and possibly a link to the recipe...bu I always think of these things after I do them.


Tammy said...

looks like a lot of fun! I wish I could of come. Those treats look good!

Rachel said...

i so wanted to come but benton had a thing and i couldn't come with baby cause it was past bed time. so sorry. please have another one soon.

Goo said...

Hey babe! I'm glad to see you had ONE thing going right since Andy left! :D

bethany.j said...

those desserts look GOOD!!! now i'm even more sorry i missed it, let's do it again soon! ;)

kathy said...

Thanks for hosting Sarah. It was so fun and the treats were amazing!!! I'm way excited for the recipes.