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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What I want for Christmas.

I don't believe in being vague when it comes to gifts. I'd rather get something I want or need than make people think for hours and hours and hours....even though that is what I enjoy doing for I decided to post on what I want...even though none of you will be buying me gifts...I just thought it would be a nice random post and I am bored...and don't want to work today....:0)

***1. Made with Molecule ear rings. I have been drooling over these for months! And dropping hints and starring it on my christmas list. I think my hubby got the hint- because yesterday in came a package from Made With Molecules.

What nerdy female chemist would be complete without a pair?! After all I am teaching next semester, so these are a must have!
2. Sheets to go with my new bed set:0) Like Hazelnut, Pear or Oatmeal

3. A deep fat fryer- so I can make homemade doughnuts or navajo tacos- yummm

4. Gift cards to stores like Downeast, the BYU bookstore, Sally's Beauty Supply, Famous Footwear, i-tunes, TJ Max or Ross Dress For less so I can have a prepaid shopping spree
5. A GPS system for running- so that I can keep track of my mileage, pace and maybe even my heart rate

6. A pink cell phone- hey why not- I want it to be obviously mine

7. What graduate in husband to finish his degree....a million dollars....lose the grad fat i have put on...and and...a mercedes benz

Or a BMW. I will be flexible.

Why not?


Sharon said...

I like your list. :) I'm with you...I like getting things that I want. :) Why waste money on things I'm going to want to get rid of?

Will said...

LOL...nice post. I would do one too but i think people would get bored after seeing video games, dvd's, and money...and that's it.

Jewelianna said...

My favorite part of this post is a toss up between the molecule earrings and being flexible between a Mercedes or BMW.
You know, you could get your husband paying lots of attention to your accessories if you use those earrings to let him know your 'mood'... he'd be checking to see if you're wearing dopamine on a regular basis.
Of course, it could just mean you want some chocolate.

Tammy said...

haha! I love your Christmas list! Although if you got a million dollars that will take care of just about all the other I'll take that too! If you got any extra just laying around.. lol

*Meg Larsen* said...

i can't tell you how tempted i am to pick up a part-time job at ross so i can get the employee discount....

or for my dad to get a few years older so he can get the senior discount on tuesdays for me!

sarah roberts said...

LOL you guys are hilarious!