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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day!

It was so wonderful to spend a Christmas together alone finally. I mean, we love our families, but we need to start our own traditions. So we got up and opened presents. I got molecule earrings- dopamine- a deep fryer, clothes, and a prepaid shopping spree- i think i made out quite well. Andy got a lot of clothes and movies. Then we made homemade doughnuts together- as I want to start that tradition in our home for Christmas. Later that evening we went over to a relatives house for Christmas dinner and I was able to get rid of 3 of the five containers of doughnuts that I had made- I went a little crazy.

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas because I got to spend it with my best friend, my husband.

The doughnuts I made are as follows:


Apple-Orange Fritters

Crispy-Creamy Doughnuts


Tammy said...

ohhh yum!! Those donuts look delicious!!!!! You must teach me how to make them!! Looks like you had a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I must deep fry eh? I got into tons of trouble at J.I.B. with the fries for it, may the fry be with you

mikeedro said...

Stupid Blogg engine, wont let me save anything because I have a fav saved of my dashboard.. anywho J.I.B. is Jack in the Box

kathy said...

Those look so tasty! We were at home for Christmas this year and it was nice. We missed our families (the snow kept us home) but it was fun to do our own little traditions.