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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Random Updates

Went to Missouri for Christmas.
Got to train with Bumbershoot aerial Arts in hoop, trapeze and silks.
Came home and started teaching with Westminster and UVU.
Got a raise at Westminster.
Am still working on controlled moves on the pole and new tricks.
Am so close to a controlled handspring and controlled brass monkey on the pole.
Got hip circles on the trapeze.
Am working on handstands on the trapeze and different kinds of balances.
Still working on planges.
Am loving learning from Darla and Elizabeth Stitch.
Getting closer to a 6 -pack.
Body fat percentage was down to 20.6 last night if I am weighing 125 lbs.
Just got back from Florida due to a new job I will be starting next week with Accurate Accountability Outpatient where I will be doing clinical lab testing.
Was able to train at BB's dance factory.
Planning a trip to Las Vegas with some friends.
Tried Ice skating.
Flexibility is still improving.
Left and Right splits are flat on the ground.
Middle splits are getting closer.
Still working on getting toes to head.....

Hopefully will get to go to NYC again this year.
 May try to visit dad in Maine too.
Excited to have an income to carry over once my semester ends....

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