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Thursday, January 14, 2010


So...I know I have only been trying to eat right and exercise for just about 2 weeks now....but I am already starting to fit into a lot of my pants again!!!! yay!!!! I am not weighing myself at all...this is a huge accomplishment for and my OCD with weight and stuff. Well anyway. I am just really excited that I have gone from only being able to wear 1 pair of pants to being able to wear about 7 pairs of my pants plus the 2 new pairs I bought in the meantime!!!! YAAAAY!!!!

Oh and I got my hair did on Saturday...forgot to mention that as well....(see below)

Actually I did quite a bit on Saturday...quick recap...

-got up and exercised
-ordered some photos
-went to lunch with friends Talina and Jason
-Went to Costco- picked up photos, food, and pants
-Went to the temple
-went to the mall
-went to tmobile and got The Phone
-got hair done
-went to bed


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