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Sunday, October 11, 2009


I have been avoiding my blog lately. Really I just have nothing to say....not a whole lot has been going on. I have been just working. Andy has been just working and going to school. No change really. I am still cooking and baking and reading like a mad woman; Making and keeping friendships; avoiding dieting and burning out on working out (it really shows too I am down to 2 pairs of pants from like 20 and I refuse to get new pants because I refuse to accept I have put on so much weight- I think not being busy enough does this to me). Boring I know. I have more friends prego or giving birth or buying houses and getting pets every day my life will be ready for that next stage. I have been applying for jobs left and right, but no luck so far. Andy has been offered a place in the Spanish grad school here at ISU though...we are excited about that. Hmmm....I have decided I am going to read all of Michael Crichton's and Mercedes Lackey's books just for fun. I wish I could come up with something that would make me a lot of money and allow me to retire at the golden age of 30....sigh....

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Will said...

When you find out how to retire at the golden age of 30 let me know. It would be nice. We miss you guys.