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Friday, March 20, 2009


Poster for ACS meeting.....done.
Resume for ACS meeting.....done.
Presentation for BYU conference...done.
Thesis................ready for third revisions.

I have been pretty busy.....This past weekend I got kidnapped by my mom on Friday....we then proceeded to bake cookies for 3 hours. After which we went dancing and I got to learn a little bit of west coast swing and then was claimed by an elderly man all night for dancing who I swear is a petofile....he kept asking me if I had any single friends my age and the guy was like in his 80's. Went back to my mom's and went to bed. Got up at 5am on Saturday- got ready for the day and then drove up to Idaho. Prepared for my mom's reception- finally got to see my hubby!!!!

Me and my sisters at my mom's reception

After the reception- we went to the gym and then visited our friend Brandon who coaches baseball- we visited him during one of his games.

Me and Brandon

We then went to a dinner party that some of my old friends set up and hung out from 5:30 pm until midnight-which was a blast- I feel like I haven't seen them in years- and even better- our hubby's got along great!! We then went and visited my sister until 2am where we got to meet her fat cat Vincent. We went back to Brandon's and soaked in the hot tub. Went to bed around 5am and slept until 1 pm. Got up and went to the gym. Got some Subway....and drove back to Provo. Picked up tickets to see Watchmen- it was pretty good. Went home and went to bed at around midnight. Slept in until 8:15am and went to school.


Katie said...

Wow! Busy, busy... I'm impressed you got so much done!

Tammy said...

WOW! What a crazy weekend! sounds like fun!

Alicia and Blake said...

HA! We got you for about the longest time! ;- ) It was soooo good to see you Sarah! Love your guts!